The Masks We Wear

We’ve been wearing masks all along. It’s just that now many of us are wearing obvious masks when we venture outside our homes.

It’s good that we wear those masks, whether nicely designed or hospital-functional. Sure, go out, contribute to the economy, but why not protect yourself and those around you from a frightening infection? (Okay, I guess we can argue about herd immunity or personal freedom, but that’s not my main point today.)

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What Can We Do?

155 years ago—on this day, June 19th, word of the Emancipation Proclamation finally reached slaves in Galveston, Texas, a date celebrated as the end of slavery in America.

Less than a month ago—on May 25th, George Floyd was choked to death by a policeman, an act of racism that comes time and again.

Freedom is not here yet.

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