Your Life as a Picaresque

You know what might help you see the coming year in an exciting light? Picture your life as a picaresque.

A picaresque is a type of novel where a hero, often low-born or somewhat roguish, hits the road embarking on a series of adventures, encountering various characters, living by their wits, and after many highs and lows generally reaches a happy ending. (The term comes from picaro, Spanish for rogue.)

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In my last letter, about Election Day USA, I called that time the climax of 2020, and I think it was. But now what?

After the climax in a story, there is often a denouement, where the tale has a chance to wind down.

By the very end, it’s best if the central conflict is resolved, but it’s also good if there’s a sense that the story will continue in some way, letting the viewer/reader continue playing things out in their imagination.
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