Something Surprising

I recently enjoyed the second season of the TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, so much so that I then re-watched the first season. Along with the whimsical air and luscious period detail, the episodes are sprinkled with delightful surprises.

Here’s an example (skip to after the asterisks if you don’t want Season 1 spoilers). Midge, the main character, is a recently-separated 1950s housewife who aspires to be a standup comedian. And she’s good. She doesn’t deliver dandy jokes, but rather she tells (sometimes improvised) stories about her life. She’s real and raw and also quite funny. Continue reading “Something Surprising”

Come Write With Us!

I recently spent two weeks in the summer heat of South Africa, visiting with my wife’s family. It was nice to have time with her extended family and to show my little daughter (that’s her in the pic) some of the wonders of this country. But you know what else was great about this trip? I had the time to read four novels!

True Grit by Charles Portis, about a teenage girl avenging her father’s murder in the Old West. Continue reading “Come Write With Us!”

Scenes of Winter

Recently a sensational story was making tracks on the internet: a Russian researcher on a long stay in Antarctica stabbed a colleague because he was giving away the endings to books. Turns out, this version of events may not be completely accurate, but it reminds me of Gotham’s tagline: Stories. Everywhere. (You can see it here, on our Winter brochure.)

There’s a story everywhere you look, and everyone has a right to tell his or her story. That’s really what Gotham is all about.

That brochure cover has me thinking about snow, in stories. Continue reading “Scenes of Winter”