Announcing the Gotham Blog

If you’re reading this, you probably know that Gotham is continually handing out pearls of lustrous information for writers like you. Not to the cheap “content” everyone else is shoving in your face.

Well, Gotham has a blog now, where we’ll be posting much of this information.

The main features of the blog:

Letters from Alex – My letters, the ones from this newsletter, will be collected there, one a month. Mostly I give insights on writing, but I throw in other musings as well. For years, people have been asking for this. (Okay, my wife and maybe one other person.)

Sample from post on “cause and effect:” Wherever you are in life—probably wherever you are located right this minute—is part of a chain of cause and effect that began many years ago.

Letters from Kelly – Kelly Caldwell, our dean of faculty, will provide a monthly letter with some kind of writing advice, culled from our Writing Advice newsletters. A masterful teacher, Kelly has fascinating things to reveal.

Sample from post on “moments of dislocation:”
Think of a moment when something did not go as planned. Be specific—this won’t work if you think too broadly, like, “My 20s,” or “all of 2016.” Think of a surprise party you tried to plan, or the honeymoon interrupted by a hurricane.

Ask Dana – Dana Miller, our dean of students, answers questions that our students are likely to ask. She does it with so much wit and style, these are worth reading even if you already know the answer.

Sample from post on our “mentor program:” 
Back in 2008, we launched our Mentor Program. And boy did we learn something right away. “Mentor” is a VERY powerful word. Maybe it’s because the word connotes seriousness. Sober, important, literary (in our case) endeavors, involving elbow patches and pipes.

Overheard at Gotham – Josh Sippie, our newest staff member, will convey some of the conversations we have around our office, which are a curious combination of silly and provocative. Sometimes, they relate to writing, but not always.

Sample from post that deals with this question:
“Would you keep the money you have now, or have a billion dollars?” On the surface, this seems like an easy question—of course you’d take the billion dollars. But as the old Hindu saying goes (according to Alex at least, I found no record of it)—“have cow, have care of cow.”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – The blog’s home page will show you the latest of our social media offerings. Melissa Blumberg and the afore-said Josh handle our social media and you’ll see they do an uncommonly good job with it.

So visit our blog: click around, read some posts, contribute pithy comments.

We promise, nothing but pearls.

Alex Steele
President, Gotham Writers Workshop

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